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Kids Vacuum Ear Wax Pick

Kids Vacuum Ear Wax Pick

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Introducing the Kid Electric Ear Cordless Safe Vibration Painless Vacuum Ear Wax Pick Cleaner Remover Spiral Ear Cleaning Device Dig Wax Earpick! This revolutionary device offers a fast, easy, and entirely pain-free way to clean your child’s ears. Featuring an innovative spiral design, our earpick gently loosens excess ear wax before safely and efficiently vacuuming it out of your little one’s ears. Our ear wax removal product is designed with kids in mind — the vacuum cleaner is made from 100% safe hypoallergenic materials and comes with 3 different sized heads for a personalized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and effectiveness. The product also has LED lighting, so you can always ensure that your child’s ears are clean without overdoing it; perfect for both at-home or on-the-go use. Don’t let excess ear wax slow your child down any longer; get your own Kids Vacuum Ear Wax Pick today!



Size: 8pcs
Origin: Mainland China
Number of Pieces: One Unit
Model Number: Ear Wax Pickers
Material: Steel
Item Type: Ear Care
Brand Name: Hailicare

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