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Metal Anti Stress Fob Keyring

Metal Anti Stress Fob Keyring

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Have you ever wished that driving your car around town could have the same thrill as racing? Now, with our Metal Anti Stress Fob Keyring, it can! This unique key fob is both a stylish accessory and a fun gearbox-style racing toy. The gearbox of this keychain features six speeds — just like an actual car! — giving you the control you need to race in style. Your friends will be amazed as you simulate real-life racing with this keychain's shifting gear model. Not only this, but the metal material used for crafting provides your key chain with extra durability and strength! Plus, its anti-stress design makes it perfect for keeping the anxiety away — making sure you stay cool and focused on the road ahead. We invite all drivers to race into a new level of excitement with our Metal Anti Stress Fob Keyring today!



Size: 2.4cm * 2.2cm
Color: Red, Black, Silver, Gold, Blue
Material: Zinc Alloy
Features: Decompression, Press the key
Function: Key Ring

Package Includes: 
1Pc Keyring

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